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About Hannah

Hannah Weinmeister was born in Newport Beach, California and began her love of dance at the age of two years old.  When Hannah’s Mother attempted to place Hannah in her first dance class, the toddler, suffering from intense shyness, refused to go into the ballet and tap combo class at Suzanne’s Dance Factory in Laguna Niguel, California.   Weeks of the toddler dance class came and went and each week Hannah would sit curiously and attentively on her mother’s lap watching the dance class from outside the large windowed dance room.  After 7 weeks of intent interest, Hannah finally developed the courage to join the class. She has loved dance ever since.   When Hannah was 5 years old, she went on a cruise with her parents and saw dance performances on the cruise ship and she wanted to meet the performers.  By day two of the cruise, Hannah had met professional dancers and shipboard performers Katie Smreczak and Corey  Whalen and has followed them and kept in touch with both of them ever since.  Ms. Whelan is still performing today and is a celebrated cast member with The Radio City Rockettes.


Hannah went on to enroll in as many dance classes as her schedule would allow.  During her elementary years, Hannah also joined a club cheer gym, Coast Spirit Athletics,  participated in numerous school plays and show choir at St. Anne School under Arts Faculty Director, Karen Franson.  She also  took violin and xylophone lessons in school. 

Hannah suffered many injuries in her early years which would often set her back in her ability to practice dance including a broken leg from a simple state required physical education running test, a broken wrist from tumbling, along with a freak surfing accident leading to a broken nose and a painful broken pinky toe from running around barefoot. She also suffered a broken back after landing incorrectly in a leaps and turns class.  Still, Hannah pushed on and never gave up on her commitment or love of dance.


Today, Hannah is committed to over 16 hours a week of dance instruction and education and is enrolled in The JSerra Catholic High School Art Magnet program under the direction of Ann-Marie McClellan, in addition to being enrolled in multiple dance classes at Pacific Ballet Conservatory in Aliso Viejo to learn as much as possible about dance and dance education.   Hannah’s goal is to share her love of dance with children who may want to learn to dance but don’t have the financial means to enroll in a formal dance class or dance studio. Hannah’s desire is to give all children a chance to dance.  From Hannah’s own experiences she has learned dance builds confidence, strength, and joy!  Hannah believes dance is something all children all over the world should be able to experience!  

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